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One of the active center of the university is the ICT center. Employing the latest technologies, this section has connected the university to the outside world.  Setting up internal and external systems and networks linking the internal sections with external organizations is the main duty of the ICT center. A sister section of the ICT center is the statistics section which not only produces but also keeps all the statistics and information in its relevant place. Online information dissemination, which is in line with the development of the goals of the Islamic Azad University, is another duty of the ICT center.

ICT office of IAUKSH, which is a subset of the deputy of research and technology, started its activity as a separate unit in 1999.

ICT center of IAUKSH consists of hardware, software, network and internet communications, website, computer and website workshops, statistics and information sections.

Since the establishment of the ICT center, Mr Hadi Aqiqi, Reza Fat’hi, and Muhammed Goshayandeh have be assigned as the mangers of the ICT center during the years 1999-2001, 2001-2003, and 2003-2009, respectively.

Currently Mr Amir Heirati is assigned as the manager of the ICT center of IAUKSH. He was born in 1982 in Kermanshah and holds an M.Sc. in Hardware computer engineering from Islamic Azad University, Arak Branch. He started cooperating with IAUKSH as an IT officer and in Bahman 1388 he was assigned as the manager of the ICT center.

To view the highlights of his career in the ICT center of IAUKSH please click here


The activities of the ICT center in the current year (2019)

merging the educational-tuition servers of the university and troubleshooting them after their conversion

Launching the student card issuance system

Creating fiber-optic links between university buildings to create a safe and fast link of r data and network transfers over fiber-optics

Placing first among all Islamic Azad University campuses on Webometrics, improving the rank of the campus

Increasing the university internet Bandwidth using fiber-optic links to 40 Mbs to provide faculty, staff and students with better services

launching the virtual consulting center of the university

purchasing and setting up a Tape to back up the university servers and storing them o magnetic tapes

standardizing the university server room and arranging its racks based on the latest standards

launching a Cash Server to save bandwidth and increase the network outcome

cooperating in the launch of employee attendance automation system on the local network and on the Web.

converting the self-service information form Jahan-Gostar to Seida and launching the Seida Self-service automation system

improving the wireless network on the campus and in the buildings of the university

purchasing 20 computer units comprising with the technical license from the central office

purchasing 30 data projectors to be installed in the classes and installing 10 projector along with smart boards in classrooms in the various faculties.

Earthing the server room of the university

purchasing and installing San Switch to make automatic backups of the university servers

The total performance of the ICT center of IAUKSH

  • providing Internet using fiber-optic line with a 20 Mb bandwidth and creating fiber-optic network between university buildings
  • launching a dedicated mail server for the university
  • launching and improving the wireless network on the university campus
  • In terms of website and systems, the IAUKSH campus has 67 websites and systems which has helped the IAUKSH place first among all Islamic Azad University campuses based on the global Webometrics.
  • Launching the central Internet site with 70 computers and a special instructors’ room equipped with printers and scanners.
  • Hardware and software supporting the university computer systems which amount ot more than 670 computers, among which 520 computers are connected to the educational-tuition network of the university.
  • Launching a monitoring system to register the event and to control the network equipment.
  • Standardizing the server room based on the latest equipment available in the world
  • setting up a wireless network between university buildings
  • launching ISA server and Cash Server
  • setting a hardware firewall to provide for the security of the university network
  • implementing the plan of running virtualization servers
  • transferring the servers of the faculty of engineering and technology (Data Server-Web Server) to Imam Khomeini Complex to integrate the ICT of the campus
  • launching the Short Messaging System of the university with its dedicated number to send messages to the students based the Seida educational program.
  • launching the text view system on the university website and network
  • restructuring the university network structure to integrate them better and to optimize the university network management
  • launching electronic/paperless correspondence system at university
  •  Equipping all university servers and computers with a licensed antivirus software program.
  • launching a Network bandwidth management system based on the needs of the users and to monitor the Net.

Guide to using wireless internet on campus

By referring to the Internet Site of the university located at the library building and after paying the Internet Fee, the students will receive a username and a password. They can use the wireless network of the university to get online by following the following steps

First of all, search for a wireless network connection named IAUSHK.Intennet and choose to connect. When prompted for a username and password, after you run a web browser to search the net, type in your username and password.

please make sure to log out of your account when you are finished using the net by entering ict.azad in the address bar and receiving the Log Out message to avoid losing account credit.