The Plant Biotechnology Research Center of  Kermanshah Branch of Islamic Azad University, was established in September 2016, and the plant tissue culture department formally launched  in December 2017. This Center collaborates closely with the first knowledge-based company of Islamic Azad University “BARGAB”, in different projects and currently has focused on advanced micropropagation technologies for the production of ornamental, industrial and medicinal plants. Optimization of micropropagation protocols for Rosa damascena is one of the most important achievements of the Plant Biotechnology Research Center of  Kermanshah Branch. Publishing more than 20 papers, holding tissue culture and molecular biology workshops, hosting and supervising MSc student thesis, are some other activities of this research center.The laboratories of  Plant  biotechnology research center of  Kermanshah Branh, are equipped with research equipments, including clean room, plant growth room, chromatography systems(GC and HPLC), cell and cell suspension culture lab., Genetics and molecular biology lab., modern  greenhouse  and physiology lab.  This Research center, provides specialized services to students and hosts researchers from different fields of Plant biotechnology and Agriculture, including tissue culture, molecular biology, molecular genetics, medicinal plants  and other related specialties.