Approved Missions

The most important strategies, designed with the aims of developing knowledge, continuous assessment, promotion of sustainable quality, and institutionalizing culture with the economics of education are as follows:

  1. Developing research and technological activities such as the founding of knowledge-based companies and incubators
  2. Fostering qualitative and quantitative development of medical sciences, cultural and social studies and reengineering activities
  3. Promoting qualitative and quantitative development in cultural and social fields with an emphasis on sustainable cultural projects
  4.  Diversifying sources of income for the university through knowledge-based economy and investment plans
  5. Creating fiscal discipline through planning and budgeting system
  6. Continuous evaluation of performance and plotting a path towards excellence
  7.  Institutionalizing research, educational, and technological quality in line with the University goals
  8. Promoting the rank of IAUKSH in national, regional, and global ranking
  9. Creating a culture based on the sublimity of Islamic management and relying on assurance, responsibility, accountability, work ethics, honesty, trustworthiness, lawfulness, and transparency
  10. Accessing modern scientific and technological developments in line with the national priorities, requirements and interests through academic links with industry and society
  11. Increasing the contributions of IAUKSH to domestic science and technology -based products through commercializing research projects and developing knowledge-based companies
  12. Strengthening ties and cooperation with the society, labor market, and fulfilling the requirements of the country in scientific development