To name a few of scientific and educational facilities, one could mention the agronomy and plant breeding laboratories such as entomology, botany, genetics, and plant pathology and animal husbandry laboratories which have paved the way for development in many agricultural fields. There are also a modern garden in three hectares with 3000 saplings, a livestock complex with 10 dairy cows; 12 labs and workshops in engineering, chemistry, food industry; three research labs in hydraulics engineering, Nano-science lab and Nano-simulation lab; educational labs in chemistry, and physics labs in noino-optics including 78 advanced devices; practice lab for nursing students; photo art galleries; architecture, pottery and carpentry workshops; Applied psychological research center and an agriculture based research and development center.

Among service and recreational facilities are the 1532 square meter library with 183648 titles- volumes, a digital library, gyms and body building facilities, an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor one with sauna and Jacuzzi, internet center with 70 computers, psychological counseling center, and students’ scientific conventions.

From research perspective, the students and faculty members have published more than 70 books and 1000 research papers in different areas. The university has proudly held more than 20 conferences including National Conference on Chemistry and Chemistry Engineering, Stem Cells and Medical Reconstruction Congress, Nano-technology Applications and International Gardening Symposium. The University International Nano-Letters, which is an ISI peer-reviewed, open access journal fully supported by our university.