hardware  sector:




  • Improving the internal networks of the university using the latest technologies and problematizing the Networks
  • backing up the wireless network of the university
  • backing up and monitoring the Intranet Network of the university
  • managing the computer networks on the campus
  • backing up the hardware of the computer systems of the university
  • design analysis and implementing computer systems at university
  • supporting applied computer systems of the university
  • following up on the problems of the systems and downloading and installing their new versions
  • Problematizing hardware systems including: the monitors, printers, UPS, keyboards, etc.
  • installing operating systems and the software needed by the users
  • installing and setting up software systems networks and configuring their capabilities
  • estimating the software and programing needs of the network systems and restoring database backups
  • Configuring the software systems of the university and giving the users hands-on education on how to use them.
  • backing the video-conferencing systems of the university