Computer workshop




  • Builtin 600m2 , this sector enjoys 8 Video-projectors and is active in following areas:

  • Navigating Laboratory sites and installing required softwares for all the university courses which need computer or internet.

  • Providing a time-table for head of departments and faculty members.

  • Updating the systems and systems troubleshooting.

  The Internet site section

The great internet site of the IAUKSH which operates under the supervision of the office of technology in the research department has three distinct sections: faculty section, boy students section, and girl students section.

There are 70 computer systems with LCD monitors, printers and scanners giving Internet services to the students and faculty

The university Internet is provided through fiber-optic cables and a wireless network is in charge of connecting the local systems to the internet servers.

In this section the students can enjoy the advantage of using the university Internet connection based on the circulations form the central office of the Islamic Azad University