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Since one of the main tasks of the Islamic Azad University (IAU) is to educate and train the young talents of the Islamic home land, it is of paramount importance to hunt young talented researchers, support and guide them. And it is through this process that the boundaries of knowledge and science can be furthered. Therefore the IAU tries to provide these young innovative researchers with the necessary equipment and facilities. To that end the young researchers’ club was founded in 22/01/1387, which is considered a giant step taken toward approaching the great task bestowed upon IAU.

Young researchers club is a not-for-profit institute which aims at identifying, recruiting, educating, supporting, guiding, and promoting the talented young students’ academic level by organizing them in scientific and research groups to work under the supervision of the IAU. The central office of the club is located in Tehran but if approved by the board of trustees the club can have branches in all cities with cooperation with IAU branches across the country.  The objectives of young researchers club includes  nurturing the creativity of the members in various fields of science, research, education and entrepreneurship, the promotion of cultural, educational and research knowledge base of the members, the development of the spirit of activism, and organizing the members in groups and teams to meet the science-research needs of the country.

Young researchers club, Kermanshah center

The Kermanshah center of Young researchers’ club started to accept member in 1381 and it was managed by Mr. Aqiqi and Ms. Amiri from 1381 to 1385. In that time 96 people enrolled in the club. From 1385 to early in the summer of 1386, Dr Mohammad Mahdi Jowkar, a faculty member of plant breeding department, was appointed as the President of Young Researchers Club, Kermanshah Center. In Dr Jowkar’s tenure, the center made big strides in number of enrollments as well as implementing the clubs policies. Dr Abbas Qomashi, a faculty member of the department of mathematics, was appointed as the President of Young Researchers Club, Kermanshah Center from 1387 to Tir, 1389. After this term, Dr Sahar Mohammadi, a faculty member of the department of education, managed the club for a year. In 1390 the Kermanshah center of the club was chosen as one of the top three centers of the club from among 257 centers across the nation. Up to the end of 1389, the club was 230 members strong.

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Young researchers club membership regulations

Article 1:

The following general criteria are to be met:

1-1. the applicant needs to have faith in the great religion of Islam or one of the religions officially recognized by the state.

1-2. the applicant needs to have faith in constitution of the Islamic republic of Iran and the principle of velayat-e faqih.

1-3. lack of any moral corruption

1-4. lack membership in or affiliation with any group or party who are considered the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran

1-5. the applicant needs to be within the age range of 15 to 30.

Note 1: teenagers under 15 who are gifted or distinguished upon the decision of the club council

Note 2: the youth holding a Ph.D. degree or a degree of discretion up to the age of 35 can apply to become a member.

Note 3: Islamic Azad University and Sama students are prioritized when a competing membership applicant exists.

Article 2:

The applicant meeting the criteria mentioned under article 1 and at least one of the following clauses can become members of the club for two years. Membership renewal is permitted providing the criteria are met.

2-1. every year 500 students to whom one of the following clauses applies can join the club.

2-1-1 students whose GPA is 19 or higher fro two consecutive years during guidance school and 18.5 or higher during high school.

2-1-2. graduating summa cum laude () in of the grades in Sama high schools or pre-university schools.

2-1-3. the top three winner in one of the national science competitions in various fields.

2-1-4. The winners of Olympiads who are to get deployed to international competitions in their respective fields.

2-1-5. the winners of arts competitions who are going ot participate in international exhibitions in their respective fields

2-2. Each year 2500 university students to whom one of the following clauses applies can join the club

2-2-1.  1000 applicants from among the top ranking studetns taking the national Islamic Azad University Entrance Exam in five branches, up to 800 applicants from among the top ranking students sitting the education measurement and assessment organization exam in four branches, and for M.A. or PhD applicants proportionate to the number of candidates in each group.

2-2-2. a student with a GPA of 18 or higher in two consecutive terms (passing a minimum of 36 course credits) for B.A. students of humanity sciences and arts.

2-2-2-1. a student with a GPA of 17 or higher in two consecutive terms (passing a minimum of 36 course credits) and having done a research work which is acceptable to the club council for students of humanity sciences and arts.

2-2-3. a student with a GPA of 17 or higher in two consecutive terms (passing a minimum of 36 course credits) for B.A. students of experimental sciences.

2-2-4. a student with a GPA of 16 or higher in two consecutive terms (passing a minimum of 36 course credits) for B.A. students of Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.

Note 1: the minimum course credits pass in two terms for an M.A. student in any of the above clauses is 20 course credits.

2-2-5. placing first in basic sciences comprehensive exam or pre-internship comprehensive exam in each university for medical sciences students.

2-2-5-1. the top students in board membership exam in each of the medical sciences fields of study.

2-2-5-2 the top three students in national entrance exam for assistantship

2-2-5-3. the top student in Paramedical-fields-of-study entrance exam

2-2-5-4. the top students in Ph.D. entrance exam of Islamic Azad University and Ministry of science, research and technology.

2-2-6. graduating summa cum laude at each level and field of study (according to to student graduation regulation in Islamic Azad University)

2-2-7. placing first among at least one hundred candidates of Islamic Azad University entrance exam in each field at B.A. level.

2-2-8. undergraduate and M.A. level membership applicants who have a minimum GPA of 15 or higher need to publish at least one scientific-research article with valid domestic or foreign journals, or presenting at least two articles at valid scientific conferences. (Providing that the abstract gets published in the book of abstracts) and handing in the full article manuscript to the club. 

Note 5: presenting articles at conferences will be evaluated providing that the abstract is published in the book of abstracts for each conference and the full article manuscript is handed in to the club council.

2-3. about 250 young researchers will be enrolled if they meet one of the following criteria.

2-3-1. if they have a significant publication such as an article or they are distinguished by their scientific, technical, literary, artistic or cultural contributions which need to be approved by the club council.

2-3-2 the top award winner candidatures in each province introduced by the ministry of education or universities to such awards as Razi, Kharazmi, etc.

2-3-3. if they have and invention or discovery which is approved by the organization of scientific and industrial research or the club scientific council.

2-3-4. if they have discretion degree validated by competent authorities in Iran.

Note 6: each of the above condition are valid two years after their date of issue.

Documents required of membership applicants includes:

1-3 registration form which can be accessed through the website

3-2. The scan of a 3*4 photo (preferably colorful). The Islamic rule of Hijab should be observed in the photos and it should not go back to more than two years ago.

3-3. The scan of the first two pages of their birth certificate.

3-4. the scan of the documents substantiating the information provided by the applicant which proves their eligibility to apply for membership. Before making any scan copies, the applicant is to make sure that all the documents including the reports are sealed by their respective education offices and their scores, articles are approved by the club center manager to which they want to apply. The issue date of all these documents should not be older than two years.

Application processing cycle for those applying for the club membership through brilliant talents.

*Analysis and identification of eligible applicants by authorities in each club center.

-Corresponding with research affairs office and putting up a notice in the bulletin board to inform and receive research background information from the applicants (those with publication in scientific-research journals, national rank holders in various valid awards, winners of academic Olympiads, etc.)

-calling and mailing those who meet the criteria and informing them of their eligibility and the club’s readiness for their membership.

- Analysis and identification of those members whose membership expires (two months before their membership expires) and calling them or sending them a letter informing them of the need for their membership renewal.

Membership application

  • Filling in the membership application form accessible though the website and attaching the required documents.
  • Applications without required attachments will not be considered
  • Applications with insufficient attachments will not be considered

Sending the application to the club president of the academic institute to which the applicant belong. (It is worth mentioning that all brilliant talents membership applicants must be firsr become a club member at of the Islamic Azad University center. Students or graduate who study at a university other than the Islamic Azad University should do as follows to become a member

Technical and engineering field students or graduates need to go to the office of the club at Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch

Humanity sciences and Arts students or graduates need to go to the office of the club at Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch

Basic sciences students or graduates need to go to the office of the club at Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch

Agriculture and veterinary students or graduates need to go to the office of the club at Islamic Azad University, science and research Branch.

  • Assigning the applicant a reference number and password for future correspondences.

2- Processing and the verdict

The initial processing of the applicants’ documents (as for their completeness, document approvals, and the addition of extra documents if deemed necessary in certain cases) is done by the club head of the university branch. And if need be, (s)he will make the necessary correspondences with authorities to authenticate the documents.

For the applications to be processed the following are required

The applicant’s latest degree in which the transcript of the scores is indicated and is also approved by the office of education of the respective university is required. If the applicant submits a graduation document, (s)he also needs to append the transcript of the scores.

The degree for previous programs also need to be appended to the application. (for instance, an M.A. holder needs to append not only his/her M.A. degree and transcripts but also those of his B.A. level as well as Diploma)

Top three rank holders in any of the festivals such as Kharazmi, Young Kharazmi, Razi, Farabi, or the top three placers in national competitions such as Scientific-Applied Student Competitions or technical-Professional Student competitions need to present a copy of their certificates and  a rank certification approved by the secretariat of each festival. In case they have conducted a joint project, a certification indicated their percentage of participation in the project approved the secretariat of the related festival needs to be appended with the application. A project abstract needs to be attached in all cases.

Those who place among the top three in student Olympiads need to attach their certificate approved by the secretariat of the competitions to the application.

As for publications with ISI-indexed journals the whole article as well as the journal out or inner cover where the title of the article and the authors are indicated need to be appended to the application. The office head needs to authenticate the full title of the journal, the article, the names of the authors in the order published in the journal, the contribution of the applicant to the publication, and the science value verification index of the journal (i.e. scientific-research journal/ ISI journal, its impact factor, H factor if available)

The applicant’s thesis title and abstract also need to be attached in Persian and English.

A copy of all pages of the applicant’s birth certificate as well as National ID Card.

Four 3*4 sized photos of the applicant which are taken recently with their back contain the applicants’ ID information

Filling in forms 1 and 2

If the application is approved by the club office head

Sending the stored file to bright talents office in the central office of the club

If the applicant applies for a non-exam membership, the following table needs to be filled out and sent along with its accompanying documents by the office head.

  • Final approval and issuing of the membership number, including the applicant’s information in the members’ information bank and issuing the membership card.
  • Non-approval and sending the result to the university branch
  • In case the application is not approved a club office head, the special form needs to be filled out and the reasons for the non-approval by the club office head needs to be send electronically to the applicant’s email address.


Reports of research projects

Goal and application domain

In order to synchronize the research project reports made in the club with each other nationwide and to increase the applicability and usefulness of the reports, it is necessary that all the project executives produce and hand in their reports following the guidelines.

2- Terms and abbreviations

Does not exist

3- References

  • The executive procedure in checking the applicant’s documents and history
  • Guideline for research project execution
  • Research project questionnaire

4- Research project Procedure

4-1 the reports need to be produced using the software program Word and printed on A4 sized pages. The margin need to measure 2 cm in the top, left and bottom and 3 in the right. If the report is printed on both sides of the paper the margin on even pages need to measure 3 cm in the left and 2 cm in the right.

4-2. Nazanin as the font type with 14 in size and Times New Roman with 12 pt. in size are to be used for Persian and English texts, respectively. The lines must be single spaced however the paragraph need 6 pt. spacing after them.


4-3 two copies of the periodic reports indicated in the research proposal as well as the original data feed into data analysis software programs (not converted to PDF) need to be submitted to IAUKSH Young researchers club. These reports may be plastic-spring bound with a paper cover.

4-4 four hard copies of the final report bound with hard cover which is blue in color and the electronic version of the report burnt on a CD need to be summited or sent to IAUKSH Young researchers club. The final report must include all previous reports and a reader need not refer back to previous reports to be able to understand the research.

4-5 the cover of the each report, periodic or final, must follow the guidelines attached to this manual.

4-6 Page two which introduces the research and includes information on the researcher(s) must follow the sample attached as 2 here.

4-7 page three must be dedicated to the researchers’ acknowledgments.

4-8 on page four must come the abstract of the research. It is recommended that an English abstract be added at the end of the report.

4-9 pages five onward contain the content, the introduction, other chapters of the report, references, and appendices in order.

4-10 all table and figure must appear and be numbered in text in their appropriate places. Each figure number and caption and table number and caption must appear under and above their respective diagram, respectively.

4-11 in text citation numbers need to appear in brackets [] the same citations must appear in the reference section in the order they had appeared in text.

4-12 following the guidelines in attachment 3, the researcher(s) need to submit a short version of the final report along with the full final report. This short version is used in circulation information in the club, in publishing reports related to the activities of the club, and in disseminating and sharing the results with other industrial and executive institutes. Therefore great care needs to be exercised when writing this version up. The electronic version of this short final report must be submitted along with the electronic version of the final report to IAUKSH Young researchers club.

Documents and attachments

 Attachment 1 the report cover layout

Attachment 2 page two layout which is known the research ID

Attachment 3 research proposal abstract form

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