Kermanshah IAU Science Forums

The main objective of research activities is organizing students in research groups especially science forums.

Established in 2001, KSHIAU S F is the specialized, research, cultural and non political forum running under the supervision of central commission of Scientific, Literary and Artistic Forums which seeks to pake the way for promoting the intellects, developing scientific and research coopration amoung the members, establishing a continual cooperation between the members and the faculty members, updating their knowlege, meeting their scientific needs, publishing their works and ... .

At present 30 forums are active in IAU and follow the above mentioned objectives.

The active science forums:

Agriculture SF, Fishery SF, Tourism SF, Bookkeeping SF, Educational science SF, Psychology SF, Geography and Urban Planning SF, Civil Engineering SF, Electronics SF, Accounting SF, Law SF, Architecture SF, Industry (System Analysis) SF, Food IndustrySF, English Language SF, PHysics SF.


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